[U-Boot-Users] Modifying CFG_IMMR in a MPC885

Bruno jmmello2004 at yahoo.com.br
Fri Jan 21 14:41:21 CET 2005

Hello Everybody,

I'm developing a project that uses a MPC885 processor,
that has a embedded security processor. The MPC885
Reference Manual
- Section 10.4.1) and a Application Note
say that bits D14-D15 of the IMMR register should be
set to '10' to enable the access of the security
processor (SEC Lite) registers. I tried to change my
define CFG_IMMR from 0xFF000000 to 0xFF020000, but as
result the U-boot hanged.

I searched the source codes of another boards (NETVIA,
NETTAx) that also use the MPC885 but all of them set
the IMMR to 0xFF000000.

So, I ask: someone here uses the Security Processor of
MPC885? How to set the IMMR register to achieve the
access of the SEC Lite registers??

Thanks in advance and Best Regards,


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