[U-Boot-Users] [Patch] Core module SDRAM - size & remap

Peter Pearse Peter.Pearse at arm.com
Tue Jan 25 12:40:33 CET 2005


* Patch by Peter Pearse, Jan 25th 2005
  Obtain SDRAM size from CM registers, where possible
  Remap SDRAM to 0x00000000, where possible

Attached a patch which incorporates suggestions from Shawn Jin & 
Jean-Paul Saman.

The patch is specific to Integrator/CP and is configurable for 
all currently available core modules (CMs).

The patch ensures that, where possible, the SDRAM size is read 
from the relevant CM registers and that the CM SDRAM is mapped 
into 0x00000000, in case the ARM boot monitor has not been run.

The patch has been tested with a CM926EJ-S 
- queries & comments re other CMs are welcome.

Patched against CVS head 25th Jan 2005.

Peter Pearse

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