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Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Wed Jan 26 15:30:07 CET 2005

In message <1106744392.30bb8dbcnishant.subs at myrealbox.com> you wrote:
> I definitely plan to make it available under the GPL, as I feel it 
> will be a really good test tool for people bringing up their new hardware
> for the first time. They can use the processor to test crucial parts of 

Using U-Boot is IMHO a much better test tool. It alows to do  exactly
the same, step by step, and in the process you get a real boot loader
ported, too.

> Atleast this tiny code will help clear up doubts from the processor's 
> point of view. Developers will have one definite ally on the board who keeps 
> sending status reports no matter what else is failing.

Haw many boards have you ported U-Boot to,  and  what  was  the  main
problem  with  U-Boot in this process? In other words, which problems
did you encounter when portting  U-Boot  which  yoiu  think  you  can
overcome in your new code?

> I have no idea how to give it a single .S or .asm file and tell it to creat
> e a .bin. 

ppc_82xx-gcc file.S
ppc_82xx-ld -Bstatic -T your_linker_script file.o 

> Makefiles? I only know how to use readymade ones, not to how to create one.

You will have to learn this, then. Sorry, but this is not  the  forum
to teach you software development issues.

> You said I will also need a .lds, and I don't know how to tell gcc to use that either.

GCC doesn;t use it, itls the linker (ld) which does.

> Can anyone please send the complete process of compiling such a source 
> (only 1 or two source files) along with the .lds and creating a .bin?

Type "make all" in the U-Boot directory and what what it's doing.

> PS. Sorry again if its still off-topic. But I feel it can be a good addition 
> to u-boot as a separate tool. This will also be independent of the board,

I disagree. You're just re-inventing the wheel. But please feel free to go on.

Best regards,

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