[U-Boot-Users] MIPS build environment

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Sun Jan 30 10:13:54 CET 2005

Dear Eugene,

in message <20050130014351.GB24482 at gate.ebshome.net> you wrote:
> This is taken from cpu/mips/config.mk

As Dan already pointed out the config.mk  file  probably  needs  some
adaption  to  support  other MIPS configurations. It just happened to
work like this for the currently supported boards.

> Also, this is part from Makefile:
> ifeq ($(ARCH),mips)
> endif

Yes, I know. But the Purple is really a 5Kc system - as far as U-Boot
was  concerned  the  code  there  was  no  prolems  using   the   4Kc
configuration for it.

> So, what is all this then, an exercise in obfuscation? I can tell, it 

No, lazuiness - you only change what really needs to  be  changed  to
get something working. As long as this is a one-time use this is IMHO
even  acceptable.  It's  when more systems get added when you have to
think about a more general approach.

> Anyway, my comment still stands, this is bogus and cannot work for 4kc 
> at least. The only reason INCA-IP port works is because memory is 
> really initialized before stack is accessed.

Please feel free to submit a patch.

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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