[U-Boot-Users] uboot on pq2fadsvr

Jerry Van Baren gerald.vanbaren at smiths-aerospace.com
Fri Jul 1 14:20:53 CEST 2005

eagle keeper wrote:
> Hi all,
> and sorry for my question. I have not very clear what to do to compile
> uboot for pq2fadsvr with mpc8275 processor. I mean: it is an
> evaluation board supported by uboot isn't it?
> And if so, why doesn't exist a configuration file?
> Is it enought to lighlty modify the 8260ads configuration file? And
> wich entries?
> Thank in advance
> Lele

In the top level directory, do the following:
$ grep PQ2FADS Makefile
PQ2FADS_config          \
PQ2FADS_lowboot_config          \
PQ2FADS-VR_config       \
PQ2FADS-VR_lowboot_config       \
PQ2FADS-ZU_config       \
PQ2FADS-ZU_lowboot_config       \
PQ2FADS-ZU_66MHz_config \
PQ2FADS-ZU_66MHz_lowboot_config \

I would expect PQ2FADS-VR_config or PQ2FADS-VR_lowboot_config would work 
(if you don't have the "lowboot" version, you may want to update your 
u-boot copy from the head of CVS).

The lowboot is configured to boot with the Boot Memory Space HWCW[BMS] 
set to 1 (i.e. booting at 0x00000000) and is the recommended 
configuration.  In this case you _must_ use the HRCW from flash rather 
than from the FPGA (sorry, I forgot what they called the registers in 
the FPGA).  I highly recommend using the HRCW from flash and lowboot.

If you live right ;-), you can actually make a "lowboot" and a "high 
boot" version and program both into your board.  Run with the lowboot 
version and, if you screw up u-boot[low] (not that I've ever done that 
;-), you can recover by switching the configuration to use the 
FPGA-supplied HRCW to "boot high" out of the alternate u-boot image.


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