[U-Boot-Users] PCI video display in MPC8270

Maynard Cabiente Maynard.Cabiente at raritan.com
Tue Jul 5 17:33:05 CEST 2005

Hi Wolfgang,

Thank you very much for the response and I'm sorry about the HTML 
posting. (I was not aware my e-mail account was setup for this.)

> > 1. Does our system require a VGA BIOS (aside from U-boot) 
> to display 
> > console (and later on to display a GUI, i.e. X Windows, Tiny X)?
> Probably yes; alternatively you can try an enable the  x86  
> emulation code in U-Boot and use this to run the card BIOS init code.

Just a few more questions if you have the time.

1. Is there a document in U-boot or in your website that discuss 
the x86 emulation?

2. For my own verification, is the x86 emulation code located in

3. Is there any other boards that you know of that uses this x86 
emulation other than the AmigaOneG3SE?

4. Would there be a switch to just enable the x86 emulation in U-boot 
(i.e. CONFIG_X86_EMULATION)?  There is probably no such thing but I'd 
rather get the correct information from you.

Again, thank you for all the answers to my questions.


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