[U-Boot-Users] kernel global variable debug

Alex shi alex.shi at tom.com
Thu Jul 7 05:08:55 CEST 2005

Dear All:
    My board's cpu is freescale 8247. I debug the linux kernel 2.4.26 with
BDI2000 and ppc_6xx-gdb on it.
    My linux kernel text base on 0xC0000000, so some global variable at
0xCxxxxxxx virtual address. Now the problem is that I can not print the
global variable's value, when i use "p" command in gdb: p /x ga. gdb always
tell me it's zero, even if I directly print the content in the ga's address.
But if I evaluate the ga's value to a local variable in programm, then print
it in gdb, it can get me the correct value. It seems the global variable was
processed correctly. But Why I can not get the value? where the global
variable stored while kernel running?


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