[U-Boot-Users] [PATCH] sinclude board specific make fragment

Murray.Jensen at csiro.au Murray.Jensen at csiro.au
Thu Jul 14 09:20:13 CEST 2005

On Thu, 30 Jun 2005 17:11:43 +0200, Wolfgang Denk writes:
>> >Actually the board specific "config.mk" files  might  be  romved  one
>> >day.
>> Umm.. this would be very bad. Why would you want to do that?
>Why not? All we use it for is to  define  TEXT_BASE  in  a  way  that
>"make" can conveniently pick it up. There may be other ways to do the
>same  without  needing  a  separate  file  for  it  -  logically this
>information belongs to the board config file.

TEXT_BASE is not the only thing being defined in the board specific
config.mk file (at least for me) ... other things I do in there are:

1. append to PLATFORM_CPPFLAGS to add a -I options for the compiler;
2. set OBJCFLAGS so I can remove sections from the ELF => BIN copy;
3. set LDSCRIPT based on the board revision;
4. set CROSS_COMPILE based on board revision;
5. add to the ALL variable so other binary images are built, not just
   the u-boot.bin image - i.e. a binary image of the boot page required
   for the MPC8560 processor.

I think removing the board specific "config.mk" file would be a serious
mistake. Cheers!
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