[U-Boot-Users] 440SP

Morten Ebbell Hestnes morten at vmetro.no
Fri Jul 15 15:08:50 CEST 2005


I want to use U-Boot as bootloader for a board using AMCC 440SP.
A similar question where asked 2004-09-09. See bellow.

Is there anyone how have ported U-Boot from 440GX to 440SP?
Is there anyone working with U-Boot for a board using the PPC440SP?

Thanks in advance,

From: Stefan Roese <stefan at es...>
RE: 440SP evaluation board
2004-09-09 00:25 	

  Hi Gary,

  >       We have received an AMCC(IBM)440SP evaluation board
  > that has PIBS
  > as
  >       the bootloader. We would like to use U-Boot. Is there anyone
  >       working with U-Boot on this particular evaluation board?

  Sorry, we are not. But a port for the PPC440GP/GX exists and it should
  be pretty easy to generate a 440SP port from here (OCOTEA is the
  PPC440GX eval board from IBM/AMCC).

  Best regards,

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