[U-Boot-Users] Boot Delay 0 !!!

Dominique bastien ip6helper at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 18 12:34:29 CEST 2005

You can try this (this is from The DENX U−Boot
and Linux Guide (DULG) for TQM8xxL):

This feature is available in U−Boot if you
enable the CONFIG_BOOTCOUNT_LIMIT configuration
The implementation uses the following environment
This variable will be automatically created if it does
not exist, and it will be updated at each reset of
the processor. After a power−on reset, it will
be initialized with 1, and each reboot will increment
value by 1.
If this variable exists, its contents are taken as the
maximum number of reboot cycles allowed.
If, after a reboot, the new value of bootcount exceeds
the value of bootlimit, then instead of
the standard boot action (executing the contents of
bootcmd) an alternate boot action will be
performed, and the contents of altbootcmd will be
If the variable bootlimit is not defined in the
environment, the Boot Count Limit feature is disabled.
If it is
enabled, but altbootcmd is not defined, then
U−Boot will drop into interactive mode and
remain there.
It is the responsibility of some application code
(typically a Linux application) to reset the variable
bootcount, thus allowing for more boot cycles.
At the moment, the Boot Count Limit feature is
available only for MPC8xx and MPC82xx PowerPC

--- Bharathi Subramanian <sbharathi at MidasComm.Com>

> Hello All,
> Recently one of our unit's flash is got corrupted.
> Bcoz of that, one 
> module is not started. So watch dog is rebooting the
> unit with-in 2 
> Sec after booting up.
> We thought of booting that unit in NFS and mount the
> JFFS Data
> partition for recovering the data file, address
> book, from that flash.  
> Fortunately the boot delay is Zero. So we coun't do
> anything.
> Is there any trick to get the prompt ??
> Bye :)
> -- 
> Bharathi S
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