[U-Boot-Users] PATCH: Add sandburst metrobox board support [1/3]

Travis B. Sawyer tsawyer+u-boot at sandburst.com
Tue Jul 12 22:49:12 CEST 2005

[Note:  My previous submission was rejected due to size]

This patch adds the Sandburst Metrobox and Sandburst Karef Boards.

Both are PPC440GX based, direct peripheral bus connected compact flash,
dallas rtc, write protected eeprom (strappings and ethernet MAC address).

EMAC 2 is the management ethernet interface, EMAC 3 goes to a board
to board connector.

These boards are reference designs for the Sandburst HiBEAM chipset.

See http://www.sandburst.com for more board information (predominately
marketing speak).

This patch is against source forge cvs 12July2005, at approximately 0900


* Patch by Travis B. Sawyer, 12 Jul 2005:
    Add Sandburst Metrobox and Sandburst Karef board support packages.
    Second serial port on 440GX now defined as a system device.
    Add 'Short Etch' code for Cicada PHY within 440gx_enet.c

Best regards,

Travis Sawyer

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