[U-Boot-Users] bug in at91rm9200 interrupt.c [udelay()] ?

Mirco Fuchs mircofuchs at web.de
Wed Jul 20 14:52:18 CEST 2005

Thank you for your fast reply,

i didn't check the list archive on csb637 because i downloaded u-boot version 1.1.2 and thought that it was the newest version available - this thought was obvioulsy wrong ...

But i did check the list now and i couldn't find any patch. The only entry i found was that there was a patch added (on 3.rd May) , but i couldn't find the patch itself.

I also browsed the CVS Repository, but it seems that there is no folder csb637 in the /board directory.

So what do i have to do to download the patch???
(Sorry if this question sounds stupid, but i'm new to this mailing list)

best regards

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