[U-Boot-Users] u-boot crash on the first command 'help'

Shawn Jin shawnxjin at gmail.com
Mon Jul 25 08:23:25 CEST 2005


I'm porting U-Boot to a ppc440 core based SoC. The system now doesn't
have flash. So CFG_NO_FLASH and CFG_ENV_IS_NOWHERE are defined. After
stucked in DDR mem initialization for a while (logic designers need to
fix their bugs), I finally make U-Boot run on the system and the
prompt is shown on the console. But the first command I typed causes
u-boot to crash. The strange thing is that there is nothing in the
call backtrace. Any hints to the cause? The chip is running on an
emulator and the only modules u-boot brings up is UART and DDR. It may
not be stable. So h/w still is more suspicious than u-boot itself. I
wanna make sure this illeagal instruction exception isnot caused by

U-Boot 1.1.3 (Jul 22 2005 - 17:02:13)

DRAM:  32 MB
Top of RAM usable for U-Boot at: 02000000
Reserving 89k for U-Boot at: 01fe9000
Reserving 132k for malloc() at: 01fc8000
Reserving 112 Bytes for Board Info at: 01fc7f90
Reserving 48 Bytes for Global Data at: 01fc7f60
Stack Pointer at: 01fc7f48
New Stack Pointer is: 01fc7f48
Now running in RAM - U-Boot at: 01fe9000
Using default environment

In:    serial
Out:   serial
Err:   serial
U-Boot relocated to 01fe9000
=> ?
?       - al
NIP: 00000000 XER: 20000000 LR: 00000000 REGS: ffffff28 TRAP: 0700 DAR: FFFFFFFF
MSR: 00029000 EE: 1 PR: 0 FP: 0 ME: 1 IR/DR: 00

GPR00: 00000000 00000018 BFFF8310 40120481 0000006C 00000001 00000001 01FCA055
GPR08: 00000010 1FCA0558 00000040 00000001 00000030 00000000 02004D00 02069000
GPR16: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00009000 01FC7C28 00000001 00000020
GPR24: 00000001 01FC7BA0 01FC7BA0 00000001 01FFCAF0 01FC7F60 0000000A 00000000
** Illegal Instruction **
Call backtrace:
Program Check Exception

Thanks a lot,

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