[U-Boot-Users] Re: Problem with bootm command

Mirco Fuchs mircofuchs at web.de
Tue Jul 26 11:28:31 CEST 2005

I have one more question about using the bootm command.

I searched the do_bootm_linux() function to find out what u-boot is doing when booting linux using the bootm command, because the kernel patch i found in the mailing list (which makes the kernel able to copy an initrd directly from flash to ram) has to be used with kernel version 2.4.18, but i have 2.6.12.

It seems as if u-boot checks for an enviroment string called "initrd_high" and if it exists, u-boot does not copy the initrd to ram -> the kernel will fail to load the ramdisk. But there is no such string in my enviroment, so shouldn't the bootm command copy initrd to it's designated sdram location? It seems as it does not because the start address of the initrd, which u-boot delivers to the linux kernel is located in flash (one can read it in the kernel booting sequence; the error is that the initrd extends physical memory, but it's quite clear why this error occures).

Is it possible to force u-boot to copy the image to ram? Of course i could use the cp.b command before using bootm (i tested this and it works fine), but thats not what i want to do.


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