[U-Boot-Users] tftpboot question

Bharath G - CTD , Chennai bharathg at hcltech.com
Wed Jun 1 08:30:57 CEST 2005


>Hi all, and sorry for disturbing you again.
>I'm trying to load an image from a tftp server using tftpboot.
>Server is reachable, and running. Address of image is correct.
>U-boot contacts the right IP, then tries to load the image and intead
>of printing "#" as documented, prints "T" (it means timeout I
>But I continue getting an error message: "Retry count exceeded"
>Then the procedure starts again.

>What this behaviour can depend from?
>I excluded tftp configuration problems and network problems.

Are you running tftpd on a linux box?  Try turning off your firewall !
Sometimes UDP packets are blocked .... 

Try Tftping small files 1K and see if they work ... And If by chance you are
using montavista binaries for tftpd , in all probability they wont work with
u-boot.It did not work with a PQ2FADS-ZU board for me (even for their
customer support here in INDIA).



EGO iS NotHinG wIthOuT ArrOgAncE tO BaCk iT uP..."

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