[U-Boot-Users] PATCH: RPXlite configuration fixes

Yuli Barcohen yuli at arabellasw.com
Mon Jun 6 15:57:54 CEST 2005

>>>>> Sam Song writes:

    Yuli> No, I used CFG_ENV_SECT_SIZE instead of CFG_ENV_SIZE. It's not
    Yuli> the same. BTW, the original comment mentioned "Total Size of
    Yuli> Environment Sector" which is not CFG_ENV_SIZE.

    Sam> Ummm, CFG_ENV_SIZE is really a misleading config item.  No
    Sam> matter how small the ENV size is, it take up one or several
    Sam> FLASH sectors. I have no idea when we use CFG_ENV_SIZE:-)

This is explained in details in the README.

    Sam> from 0x4000 to 0x40000. Is it your flash sector size?

    Yuli> Yes, it is. There are four Am29LV800BB chips so you can't have
    Yuli> 0x4000 bytes in sector (this would require 4KB sector on
    Yuli> individual flash chip while in fact the smallest sectors are
    Yuli> 8KB). The board is configured for high boot (don't know why
    Yuli> Embedded Planet designers used high boot with bottom boot
    Yuli> block flashes) so the U-Boot "lives" at 0xFFF00000. I put

    Sam> So they produce other kind of rpxlite to work right in low boot
    Sam> mode with bottom boot block flashes later:-)

Do you mean the DW series?

    Yuli> the environment to the next sector. The sector's size is
    Yuli> 4x64KB = 0x40000. With the original configuration, saveenv
    Yuli> must fail and it indeed failed.

    Sam> Well, it failed on your rpxlite board but doesn't mean it would
    Sam> fail on Yoo.Jonghoon's rpxlite board:-)

Don't know. If the saveenv works OK, why to have hard-coded environment
in the configuration file? Anyway, if anybody knows for what board old
values are correct, I'd be happy to add appropriate #ifdefs. Maybe there
are configurations using only two flash chips? In any case, new
configuration should cover them all.

    Yuli> Have you got an RPXlite board with different flash
    Yuli> configuration?

    Sam> Yeah, I got one. It uses 4 AM29DL323DB90VI devices (4x8bit) in
    Sam> 16MB(4x4MB) and leaves the u-boot home at 0xff000000. I ported
    Sam> u-boot on this one and named RPXlite DW as 2.4 Linux code did.

But it's a different board family though I'm not sure having two
separate ports is justified. Probably it's possible to handle the
differences in the Makefile.

    Sam> From your discussion, you assume there is one standard rpxlite
    Sam> board.

No, I don't, I work with different Embedded Planet boards and know their
product range, more or less. In any case, if there are four flash chips,
minimal sector size usually is 32KB unless there really is some flash
with 4KB sectors. And if the U-Boot is configured for high boot (the
original port is), why should the environment be placed in the middle of
the flash (offset 0x8000 from the flash base)?

    Sam> Actually, there are at least five different combination boards
    Sam> known as RPXlite CW.

Yes, but AFAIK in the case of high boot it does not matter.

    Sam> So your changelog on FLASH size could use update rather than
    Sam> correct.

    Sam> I cannot understand why CFG_RESET_ADDRESS
    Sam> should be set as 0x09900000.

    Yuli> It can be set to any illegal address so that memory access at
    Yuli> this address will cause checkstop and then reset. 0x09900000
    Yuli> was used on some other boards, it has no special meaning.

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