[U-Boot-Users] Compile-time flash dependencies (was: PATCH: RPXlite configuration fixes)

Yuli Barcohen yuli at arabellasw.com
Mon Jun 6 18:06:33 CEST 2005

>>>>> Sam Song writes:


    Yuli> In any case, new configuration should cover them all.

    Sam> That would be Great! In addition, this code also need to
    Sam> upgrade to new state.

I don't mean it already covers DW boards (I haven't got one) though no
significant modifications should be necessary. IIRC, DW boards use
CFI-compliant flash so common CFI driver can be used instead of the
board-specific one.

    Yuli> But it's a different board family though I'm not sure having
    Yuli> two separate ports is justified. Probably it's possible to
    Yuli> handle the differences in the Makefile.

    Sam> EP uses plantcore to implement one image for all rpxlite
    Sam> board. Its flexible characteristic impressed me a lot. It's
    Sam> possible to combine these two ports.

PlanetCore saves its environment in the I2C EEPROM so it's not affected
by the flash configuration. Also, the EEPROM contains exact board
hardware configuration (board version, RAM size, flash size, etc.)
probably burned there during manufacturing process so PlanetCore can
initialise the board accordingly. It's possible to use this information
in the U-Boot but some hard-coded values still remain. CFG_MONITOR_LEN
and CFG_ENV_SECT_SIZE are a problem, especially now when we've got
universal CFI driver. In theory, CFI driver detects the flash
configuration automatically so the same U-Boot image can work on
different boards. In real world, CFG_MONITOR_LEN and CFG_ENV_SECT_SIZE
must be specified in compile time so different flashes can result in
different images. I'd like to remove these compile time values. Any
ideas if and how it's possible?


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