[U-Boot-Users] PATCH: RPXlite configuration fixes)

Yuli Barcohen yuli at arabellasw.com
Tue Jun 7 15:23:25 CEST 2005

>>>>> Sam Song writes:


    Yuli> PlanetCore saves its environment in the I2C EEPROM so
    Yuli> PlanetCore can initialise the board accordingly. It's possible
    Yuli> to use this information

    Sam> If so, U-Boot and PlanetCore can share one ENV to work??? IMHO,
    Sam> ENV in EEPROM of PlanetCore use it's own definition
    Sam> keyword. Only to change ENV of U-Boot can meet the requirement
    Sam> of PlanetCore. It will decrease u-boot ENV variability.

U-Boot and PlanetCore can't share the same environment but
board-specific code in U-Boot can use PlanetCore environment to
initialise U-Boot's one.

    Yuli> in the U-Boot but some hard-coded values still

    Sam> If used EEPROM for ENV home, could we need to set

No, if the environment is not in flash this problem does not exist but
the EEPROM is too small for U-Boot's environment (and Wolfgang always
advises against using EEPROM for environment:).

    Sam> Actually, I am worring about one thing if we wanted to combine
    Sam> CW nad DW port. That's how to deal with HIGH boot mode[DW] and
    Sam> LOW boot mode[CW] in one image.

There will be no single binary image for all boards but can be single
source which also reduces maintenance efforts.


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