[U-Boot-Users] PPC440GX reset command doesn't work

Andrew Wozniak awozniak at mc.com
Tue Jun 7 19:47:59 CEST 2005

Travis B. Sawyer wrote:
> Andrew Wozniak wrote:
>> Andrew Wozniak wrote:
>>> We have a custom PPC440GX board running a ported version of U-Boot based
>>> on the OCOTEA codebase. Most U-Boot commands are working - life is good.
> <SNIP>
>>> Just wondering if anyone else with a PPC440 target had any special
>>> modifications to make 'reset' work.
> Nope, it just works, on 3 different 440gx targets I have.  The XES
> XPedite1000, the Ocotea, and our custom hardware...

hmmm.... will have to investigate further.

Could our problem be related to how our PPC is configured from serial
eeprom? Or might is be that DBCR (or some other control register) is
misconfigured - disallowing a "system reset"?

Thanks for confirming proper 'reset' operation as currently implemented.

> -travis

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