[U-Boot-Users] Custom Board configuration

David Grab d.grab at hima.com
Wed Jun 8 14:47:55 CEST 2005


i´m working with a ppc440 gx custom board and want to use u-boot for booting
Linux. First i tried to use the ocotea board files as reference for my board
and changed it for my environment. But my board is too different so i think
it´s the wrong way to get u-boot functioning. Now i´m searching for
informations what i have to do to get u-boot work for my board.

Specifications of my Board:

PPC 440 GX
2 * 256 MB DIMM Modules - actually not using EEPROM because of stability
2 * 8 MB Intel Strata Flash 32-Bit Databus width on CS0 beginning on address
RTC on CS2

I actually have access to DDRAM, Flash and RTC over BDM Interface. So now i
need a minimal configuration for booting with u-boot. Is there anywhere a
guide or some information what i have to do?!

Any help is welcome.



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