[U-Boot-Users] return() from a u-boot application

Andrew Wozniak awozniak at mc.com
Thu Jun 9 04:30:32 CEST 2005


We have a u-boot "application" (based on hello_world example) which 
implements system specific boot control functions. Normally, a return() 
call from main() will return control back to the u-boot command line. We 
have several error handling subroutines which report and log errors 
through a proprietary PCI based interface.

Would anyone know how to directly return back to the u-boot command line 
from within a subroutine which was called from main()?  Maybe something 
like an exit() call. I want to avoid having to return error codes from 
multiple level of function calls back to main - even though it might not 
be good coding style.

I did try an exit() call but it was undefined. If I export it from 
U-Boot, will it work? i.e return control back to u-boot.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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