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David Grab d.grab at
Thu Jun 9 16:25:03 CEST 2005

Thx for help.

I created my own board directory and now i´m configuring it. But i found
some unknown options like CONFIG_OCOTEA or CONFIG_EBONY. I searched over all
Files in the distribution, but i only found the definitions in files like
OCOTEA.h. Can someone explain me what these Configuration Options do?



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In message <42A700D8.2060102 at> you wrote:
> cute porting guide - read it anyway.

Indeed. Read it. It may look like a joke, but it ain't one.

> - edit the config file for your target (OCOTEA.h). see the README for

NO!!!! Create your own board directory, and your own config file. Add
only the stuff you really understand. Read the documentation and  the
code where necessary.

> - adjust Makefile to pickup your compiler properly

NO! This is not necessary. All that needs to be done is setting
CROSS_COMPILE as needed.

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk


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