[U-Boot-Users] Problem transferring file using kermit

Andy Hawkins a.hawkins at cabletime.com
Fri Jun 10 11:46:46 CEST 2005


I am trying to transfer a file to u-boot using kermit under linux.

I am using the following in kermit:

set line /dev/ttyS1
set speed 115200
set carrier-watch off
set handshake none
set flow-control none
set file type bin
set file name lit
set rec pack 1000
set send pack 1000
set window 5

(I type "loadb 40000 CR")
send /bin update_eeprom.bin

At this point, the file transfer screen appears, and all I get is the error
count going up by 2 every 8 seconds or so.

Can anyone offer any assistance? I've checked in the manual, and all it says
is to ensure that kermit is set up as above.

I have previously managed to transfer files using loadb using Hyperterminal,
so I know that the serial port and everything is working correctly.

Can anyone offer any assistance?



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