[U-Boot-Users] Loading FPGA from an mkimage created image?

Steven Scholz steven.scholz at imc-berlin.de
Fri Jun 10 19:32:43 CEST 2005

Wolfgang Denk wrote:

> In message <41A1CD69.6000708 at imc-berlin.de> you wrote:
>>I know that
>>	fpga load [device number] [image address] [image size]
>>can be used to init an FPGA.
>>Now I want to compress and wrap the FPGA data with mkimage.
>>Is there a way to pass the address of an Image to "fpga load".
> ... extend the fpga command to understand compressed
> images.

Please consider the attached patch. I know it's duplicating some code but 
that's all I can do for now.

multiIO_2> fpga load 0 $loadaddr
    Image Name:   multiIO TEST FPGA
    Created:      2005-06-10  14:01:40 UTC
    Image Type:   ARM U-Boot Standalone Program (uncompressed)
    Data Size:    42431 Bytes = 41.4 kB
    Load Address: 20008000
    Entry Point:  deadbeef
    Verifying Checksum ... OK
    Loading Firmware/Standalone Image ... OK
Loading FPGA Device 0........................................... Done.


* Patch by Steven Scholz, 10 Jun 2005:
    Adding new configuration option CONFIG_FPGA_IMAGE
    This allows to pass U-Boot images of the types "FIRMWARE" or
    "STANDALONE" to the fpga command



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