[U-Boot-Users] Strange : Same 8248 image needs to be reprogrammed

Sam Song samsongshu at yahoo.com.cn
Mon Jun 13 13:42:46 CEST 2005

Hi all,

After porting u-boot on a 8248 board, I was confused 
by a programming problem with WireTAP. For the sake 
of 8248/8260 HRCW theory, RSTCONF must pull up to 
connect 8248 target with a No-head config file when 
there is a blank FLASH on board or WireTAP cannot 
init the target correctly. The programming process is 
as follows:

Pull up RSTCONF -> Connect WireTAP with No-head 
config file -> Program the image on 0xff000000
-> Disconnect WireTAP -> Pull down RSTCONF 
-> Power-on -> No serial output -> Power-down
-> Connect WireTAP with head config file 
-> Reprogram the same image at 0xff000000 
-> Disconnect WireTAP -> Power-on -> Work!

We suspected sth wrong on first programmig. So we
checked the FLASH content with WireTAP but found
at least first and last three bytes had the right
content. Should I need to check all FLASH content?
The image I compiled first is about 100KByte!!!

I wanna to blame it on config file we used or FLASH
programming mechanism or 8248 itself. But I have
no clear clue with them:-(

Could anyone have similar experience on 8260 series 
target? How about BDI2000 on it? Any idea?

Thanks in advance,



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