[U-Boot-Users] GCC version for Linux kernel?

Bryan O'Donoghue typedef at eircom.net
Wed Jun 15 10:45:25 CEST 2005

Marc Leeman wrote:
>>Warning!  from gcc-3.3 to gcc-3.4 the handling of the attribute
>>'unused' changed.  For that reason, compiling a linux-2.4 kernel
>>with gcc-3.4 will break silently!
> Euhm. I've been doing this for 5 months without any problem for PPC.

I had a quick

grep -rs attrib | grep unused | grep -v Binary

On my Kernel source tree... and assuming that unused is indeed
incorrectly handled... or rather differently handled, between 3.3.x and
3.4.x ... you probably wouldn't notice the difference, unless you were
using SCSI, or the 8390 driver on powerpc.



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