[U-Boot-Users] "need help in mkfs.jffs2"

nreddy at netenrich.com nreddy at netenrich.com
Thu Jun 16 09:57:41 CEST 2005

Hi Friends,

This question may not be suitable for this group ,but still i have some
home to get some clue on this issue.

I have four files :
     1)uImage(Linux Kernel)
     2)initrd(File system)
     3)Application_1 (Custom Alllication binary)
     4)Application_1 (Custom Alllication binary)

I have used mkfs.jffs2 tool to create "runImg" which is being loaded into my
embedded system.
I have loaded this file and this is working fine.

Here the size of the "runImg" is less than the sum of all above 4 files.

Now we need to put some more applications into the system.
To achieve this i have zipped "Application_1 binary" and then created
"runImg". This file also working fine,but the size of "runImg" is bigger than
the sum of all above 4 files now(here Application_1 is zipped one).

So i could not save any space after zipping one of the application.

Can anyone help me in finding:
why the mkfs.jffs2 is increasing file size when there are
any zipped files?

I have tried all the options of mkfs.jffs2,but could not succeded..

Thanks in Advance,

Nagi Reddy

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