[U-Boot-Users] linux kernel boot hangs with CONFIG_CMDLINE_TAG defined

Tehn-Yit Chin Tehn-Yit.Chin at greyinnovation.com
Wed Jun 22 07:48:29 CEST 2005

Hi all,

I have strange problem with passing the boot arguments to the linux
kernel on bootup. I have read the following entry at www.denx.de but am
unable to come up with a suitable solution.


I am booting a 2.6.11 kernel on a Samsung S3C2410 custom board. 

If I don't have CONFIG_CMDLINE_TAG defined in my platform specific
header file, the kernel boots up fine as it grabs the default boot
arguments from itself.

If I have CONFIG_CMDLINE_TAG defined, the last message I see on the
console is the "Starting Kernel" message.

I have also tried the other CONFIG_SETUP_MEMORY_TAGS and
CONFIG_INITRD_TAG as well and they did not improve the situation at all.

Any pointers would be great. Many thanks.

Tehn Yit Chin 
Software Engineer, Grey Innovation Pty. Ltd.

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