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Thu Jun 23 11:06:51 CEST 2005

Hi Alex

I had the same problem but only with Xilinx Evaluation Board.
What I have made.
I used static variables to debug the kerenel startup sequence. In the I could
see if there are set or not.
Then I could find out where the kernel hangs and I comment out this functions. After that
the kernel runs. Further a put this function in the Kernel again and the kernel runs too.
But atention: There are a function, in kernel boot sequence,  where kernel takes
parameters from u-boot. If there the Linux hangs than you must see your u-boot arguments.

I hope I could help you!

best regards

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             23.06.2005 02:32                 Re: [U-Boot-Users] debug linux kernel hangs 

Hi Denk:

    Thanks your help. Just because the serial console can not work on my
board, so I step into kernel to trace.
I think maybe the kernel init sequence can not arrive the console_init(), so
I can not get any message after run "bootm". It just told me "Uncompressing
Kernel Image ... OK", then it hangs.
Bye the way, I only the u-boot 1.1.1 and linux kernel 2.4.22 in hand, where
I can find the lastest code?

Thanks again!

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> Hello,
> in message <021a01c57785$fc451a30$4500a8c0 at baniantealex> you wrote:
>>  My box is MPC8247
>> I use u-boot 1.1.1 to boot linux kernel 2.4.22, the bd_info are same in
> Both the versions of U-Boot and Linux kernel are very,  very  old.  I
> strongly recommend to use more current versions of the software.
>> 620             ppc_md.setup_arch();
>> (gdb) n
>> <<<<< long time wait and then press ctl + c.
> ...
>> #0  0xc0007e4c in __delay () at time.c:427
>> #1  0xc0015ae4 in panic (fmt=0x2bbbd "\001") at delay.h:42
> So your kernel has paniced.
>> and panic a message to me, isn't it?
> Indeed. And what was the panic message? What was the contents of  the
> log_buf area?
> I'm afraid you will have to type the commands to display the contents
> of the log buffer yourself - you did not give instructions how to log
> in on your system.
> See also
> And by the way: this is a Linux problem, so all of this is completely
> off topic on this list.
> Best regards,
> Wolfgang Denk
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