[U-Boot-Users] Jump location

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Thu Jun 23 13:28:05 CEST 2005

In message <003701c577e5$fd510a50$3000a8c0 at rakesh> you wrote:
> I have a confusion with Jump address. In case of MPC processor, I have reset
> vector at 0xffffffc which is mention is "board/<board_name>/u-boot.lds"

This is your second posting where you ask  questions  without  giving
any  contect. Stop doing that. You MUST explain in detail which board
and processor you ar eusing.

Without such context, the statement  that  for  "MPC"  processor  the
reset  vector  is  0xffffffc  is  plain  wrong. It could be 0x0100 or

> script file. If we edit the binary file we used to get Jump instruction ..in
> my case its "4b ff  f0 04"  what exactly it means how it will jump to the
> location FFFFF000...I have seen this address in u-boot.lds script file. Can
> anyone put some commnet on this.

No, nobody can help you with such unrelated questions.

Also I don't understand why you start  with  the  binary  image.  The
binary  image  is  at teh very end of the chain. You start by reading
the documentation, then reading and understanding  the  source  code.
Then  you  will  probably  port  the code to your hardware. Only then
binary files come into play.

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