[U-Boot-Users] generating a u-boot Linux image for PXA255

Greg Lindberg gl4jalopi at earthlink.net
Fri Jun 24 17:05:37 CEST 2005

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> > Sorry, I searched and didn't find any.  I found a mkimage line
> added to a
> > ppc make file for the 'cray' development board, but nothing for an arm
> > target.
> Please learn to quote properly. Don't top-post/full-quote.
> What is so difficult about finding boards with PXA255?

I found a number of boards using the PXA255 processor, I've gotten u-boot up
a running on an InHand FingerTip3 board, that was not the problem.

What I asked for was scripts for running mkimage against a kernel for the
PXA255, I wasn't sure about all of the switches and thought that someone
might already have a script that might save me (and others) some time
getting the switches right.  I still haven't gotten any information about
running mkimage for an PXA255 target, although I think that I have figured
out how the switches should be set.  It would be nice if the section in the
readme that mentions mkimage listed the values of the different switches
that are supported so that it wasn't necessary to go paw through the source
code to find them.
> Trivial approach:
> 	-> grep PXA255 include/configs/*
> 	include/configs/pleb2.h:#define CONFIG_PXA250           1
>     /* This is an PXA255 CPU    */
> 	include/configs/xaeniax.h:#define CONFIG_PXA250         1
>     /* This is an PXA255 CPU    */
> There you go...
> Best regards,
> Wolfgang Denk

Best Regards,

Greg Lindberg

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