[U-Boot-Users] Help! Low-16 bits of SDRAM can not work!

zhao haijian zhaohj at nci.ac.cn
Wed Jun 29 04:06:03 CEST 2005


I have been working on such a board we made:

Flash: Intel StrataFlash 16MB x 2
SDRAM: Samsung K4S5616320 32MB x 2
Two 16bits SDRAM chips are connected by the same CE,OE,OW,ADDRESS signals,forming a 32bits-width memory structure.

Using a emulator,I see the high 16bits of sdram works well,while the low
16bits always fail,though I've try many combination of configuration.
We also found no problem with the hardware by an oscilloscope.

I want to know what could lead to this?
(Maybe a FATAL bit in a mysterious configuration register?)
Anybody ever met this?

BTW,I work on the base of CERF250 board.

Best Regards,
            Phililp Beijing P.R.China
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