[U-Boot-Users] Linking problem on new port

Richard Danter richard.danter at ntlworld.com
Wed Jun 29 14:19:12 CEST 2005

Hi all,

I have been using U-Boot for a while, but this is the first time I have 
tried to port it to a new board myself, so please consider me a newbie!

I have a problem linking U-Boot for my new board. I know this is my 
fault, I have missed something in the setup, can anyone point out what 
it is that is missed?

The compile stage works, this is what I see when I try to link:

ppc_74xx-ld -Bstatic -T 
/usr/home/wb231-le11/Workspace/u-boot/board/ppmc7xx/u-boot.lds -Ttext 
-n $UNDEF_SYM cpu/74xx_7xx/start.o \
                 --start-group lib_generic/libgeneric.a 
board/ppmc7xx/libppmc7xx.a cpu/74xx_7xx/lib74xx_7xx.a lib_ppc/libppc.a 
fs/cramfs/libcramfs.a fs/fat/libfat.a fs/fdos/libfdos.a 
fs/jffs2/libjffs2.a fs/reiserfs/libreiserfs.a fs/ext2/libext2fs.a 
net/libnet.a disk/libdisk.a rtc/librtc.a dtt/libdtt.a 
drivers/libdrivers.a drivers/sk98lin/libsk98lin.a post/libpost.a 
post/cpu/libcpu.a common/libcommon.a --end-group -L 
/opt/eldk3.1.1/usr/bin/../lib/gcc-lib/ppc-linux/3.3.3/m7400/pic -lgcc \
                 -Map u-boot.map -o u-boot
ppc_74xx-ld: invalid hex number `-n'

The $UNDEF_SYM is obviously wrong (I think!).

I am not surprised if I have missed things, so far I have written just a 
skeleton for the board support, even if it links it won't run yet. I 
have been adding things as needed, but I just can't find what is missing 
here. Any suggestions?

I'd like to ask another question too whilst I'm here. I have a single 
bank of Flash running from 0xFFC00000 to 0xFFFFFFFF. I want U-Boot to be 
placed at 0xFFF00000 with the entry point at 0xFFF00100. Am I right to 
set the following? If not, how do I achieve this?

#define CFG_FLASH_BASE   0xFFC00000
#define CFG_MONITOR_BASE 0xFFF00000

Is this related to the problem above?

Many thanks!

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