[U-Boot-Users] EP8248 as a PCI card

Nishant Galange nishant.subs at myrealbox.com
Thu Jun 30 13:35:32 CEST 2005

Thanks, Yuli

Got the patch, u-boot 1.1.2 installed and running on my ep8248 board. In standalone mode.

When I try to use the EP8248 (with u-boot 1.1.2) as a PCI card in my PC (desktop), the PC doesn't even power up. 

But when the same card, with PlanetCore bootloader (the bootloader that came with the card), is inserted in the same PCI slot, the PC powers on, Windows XP starts up and even detects the card as a "Other PCI bridge" device.

What change(s) do I have to make in the u-boot code to make it work as a PCI card in my PC?

I have already tried the following:
#define CONFIG_PCI 
in include/configs/EP8248.h

Because of the above #define, I had to write a pci_init_board() function in

This function simply creates a pci_controller 'hose' and calls 

With all this, now my PC boots up with the EP8248 + u-boot, but Windows can't detect the card.

How do I proceed? What changes should I make?


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Subject: Re: where is the EP8248 patch?

>>>>> Nishant Galange writes:

    Nishant> Hi Yuli On 12 Dec 2004, You posted a patch for the Embedded
    Nishant> Planet EP8248 board. How do I download this patch?

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