[U-Boot-Users] cfi_flash is now working with 64 bit port width

Tolunay Orkun t5amj at orkun.us
Thu Jun 30 22:42:22 CEST 2005

Yusuf Ibrahim Ozkok wrote:

> The patch (unformatted):
>    1. The following function is added.
>        static void write_via_fpu (vu_long * addr, ulong * data)
>         {
>                __asm__ __volatile__ ("lfd 1, 0(%0)"::"r" (data));
>                __asm__ __volatile__ ("stfd 1, 0(%0)"::"r" (addr));
>          }

This is probably not acceptable for cfi_flash.c. cfi_flash.c is used by 
multiple CPU architectures so PowerPC assembly cannot be used. You have 
to find a solution based on "C" only.

>    2. in /drivers/cfi_flash.c
>    line 850;
>        - *addr.llp = cword.ll;
>        + write_via_fpu((vu_long*)addr.llp, (ulong*)&cword.ll);
>    line 1159;
>        - cptr.llp[0] = cword.ll;
>        + write_via_fpu((vu_long*)cptr.llp, (ulong*)&cword.ll);

How did you use "double" and it did not work? Please give example of the 
work you tried...

If you tried to assign the value to the double variable, the internal 
format will be different (IEEE floating point normalized). You can copy 
your intended data to the double variable via memcpy() or use a union of 
"long long" and "double", assign to "long long" member and use "double" 
  one for storing.

> Finally, I would like to ask about the Tolunay Orkun's patch about tout 
> in flash_status_check function. what is the last thought for that patch
> Is it planned to be released? Because it's really a bug! (Last post for 
> the thread; http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/message.php?msg_id=11936556)

I've not forgotten that. I've been extremely busy. I will try to get the 
patch in a couple of days.

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Please get this crap out of mails sent to public mailing lists. By 
sending to public lists you cannot make any claim confidentiality... If 
you have anything truely confidential do not expect others to protect 
it. Just do not send it to the public lists...

Best regards,

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