[U-Boot-Users] das u-boot and disc on chip

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Thu Mar 3 00:48:41 CET 2005

In message <422641B0.50602 at orkun.us> you wrote:
> Perhaps, there could be a U-Boot project sanctioned primary boot loader 
> framework. Much of the code to do that is already in U-Boot anyway (like 
> common CPU initialization code). Some of the board level initialization 
> code and any board specific code for retrieving U-Boot image would need 
> to be there as well.

I seriously doubt that the existing code could be  used.  It's  build
around  the central assumption that ease debugging is most important,
so for example  a  serial  console  port  is  provided  as  early  as
possible, long before even attempting to initialize any system memory
(RAM or flash). This pulls in a serial driver, and printf, and ...

> Alternatively if you do not like that idea, U-Boot project would 
> formally define the guidelines of operation in a system where primary 
> boot loader is required and state the requirements (state of DRAM, 
> relocation etc) expected from such primary bootloader.
> Defining the guidelines, requirements and the interface would 
> significantly help steer the development in the right direction. It is 
> better than saying not supported but developer has to do it anyway. At 
> least, such formalism would help the process.

Please feel free to submit such a definition of guidelines,  require-
ments and interfaces.

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