[U-Boot-Users] Re: [PATCH] OMAP242x/H4 board updates.

Komal Shah komal_shah802003 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 4 06:40:24 CET 2005

--- "Woodruff, Richard" <r-woodruff2 at ti.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> This patch is against a CVS pull from today
> (3Mar05).  It updates the H4
> board for operation with the OMAP242x ES2 chip. 
> Along with some other
> fixes it also switches to using the CFI flash driver
> for a 6x write
> speed up.

Thanx Richard. I have received the custom board (I
codenamed it 'tsunami'), but it is with hardware guys
to do initial testing, I will soon get it on my desk. 

> 	- unlock SRAM for GP devices.

AFAIK, GP devices are configured at chip level, means,
it depends on what chip I had received. _or_ will it
be possible to to configure EVM for to access full

As per our obeservations codecs like software had
significant performance running in IVA when access to
SDRAM from ARM11 is less...meaning let's put part of
continously running Linux code in SRAM and reduce
SDRAM contention.

---Komal Shah

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