[U-Boot-Users] loading MAC address into hardware

David Peters davidp at matrixpd.com
Fri Mar 4 19:15:47 CET 2005

I understand how to set the ethaddr.  I need the ethaddr loaded into the
emac on the cpu.  I'm using an at91rm9200 if that helps at all.

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David Peters wrote:
> I am trying to boot Linux from flash, but the problem is that the MAC
> address never gets initialized before starting Linux.  Is there a way to
> instruct u-boot to load the MAC address into the hardware before starting
> Linux?




     *  ethaddr: Ethernet MAC address for first/only ethernet interface 
(= eth0 in Linux).
       This variable can be set only once (usually during manufacturing 
of the board). U-Boot refuses to delete or overwrite this variable once 
it has been set.

     * eth1addr: Ethernet MAC address for second ethernet interface (= 
eth1 in Linux).

     * eth2addr: Ethernet MAC address for third ethernet interface (= 
eth2 in Linux).

Some assembly may be required: we don't know _your_ board, _you_ may 
have to implement the routine that actually stores the MAC in your hardware.


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