[U-Boot-Users] Sourcecode-debugging using BDI2000

Matej Kupljen matej.kupljen at ultra.si
Mon Mar 7 14:03:17 CET 2005


> 245	MMU_setup();
> (gdb) s
> At this point, the BDI says: - TARGET: started and GDB does not react
> anymore.

This when the MMU is turned and when Virtual address are used.
What are you trying to debug?

If you are debugging some kernel driver or something similar, 
I suggest you do the following:

1) Download the kernel (trough TFTP, or BDI, ....)
2) In the telnet interface halt the target
   # h
3) Find the address of the start_kernel
   # grep "start_kernel" System.map
4) In the telnet interface
   # bi 0x<address_of_start_kernel>
   # g
5) No boot the target 
6) When you'll see Uncompresing linux......
7) After that, target will be halted, because the breakpoint will be hit
8) After that you can use gdb or inisght to debug the linux kernel with
   the target remote <ip>.<ip>.<ip>.<ip>:<port>

Oh, be sure the read the chapter about kernel debugging in the BDI
manual, where it explains what, how and why should be done.


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