Steven Scholz steven.scholz at imc-berlin.de
Fri Mar 11 14:40:57 CET 2005

Hi there,

for ARM boards CONFIG_SERIAL_TAG and CONFIG_REVISION_TAG can be used to pass the 
board's serial nummber and revision to a linux kernel.

For now setup_serial_tag() has to be defined in board specific files. But 
setup_revision_tag() is defined in armlinux.c like

void setup_revision_tag(struct tag **in_params)
	u32 rev = 0;
#ifdef CONFIG_OMAP2420H4
	u32 get_board_rev(void);

	rev = get_board_rev();
	params->hdr.tag = ATAG_REVISION;
	params->hdr.size = tag_size (tag_revision);
	params->u.revision.rev = rev;
	params = tag_next (params);

I'd love to make this consistent. So either do it like setup_serial_tag() or 
like setup_serial_tag() ...

Since I don't like board specific defines like "#ifdef CONFIG_OMAP2420H4" in 
common files we should move that out.

So the question is:

shell we implement board specific get_board_rev() and get_board_serial() and 
have the params->hdr.* stuff in armlinux.c?


shell we implement setup_serial_tag() and setup_serial_tag() in board specific 
files and do the params->hdr.* stuff there?

Comments please.



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