[U-Boot-Users] Re: Bug in AT91RM9200: icache not enabled!

Eric BENARD / Free ebenard at free.fr
Sun Mar 13 16:54:54 CET 2005

Steven Scholz a écrit :
> thanks for your reply. Please include mailing list next time.
sorry, I'm reading through gmane and I'm not subscribed to the list.
> So you realy have both data and instruction cache enable in U-Boot?
yes, at least I think so as kernel uncompressing is really faster when
using this setting.

Just add CFG_CMD_CACHE to #define CONFIG_COMMANDS in your
include/configs/x.h file
and you will be able to get cache informations :
=> icache
Instruction Cache is ON
=> dcache
Data (writethrough) Cache is ON

The strange thing is that :
- it's possible to turn icache off but not to enable it again
- it's not possible to turn dcache off.

=> icache off
Instruction Cache is OFF
=> icache on
Instruction Cache is OFF
=> dcache off
Data (writethrough) Cache is ON
=> dcache on
Data (writethrough) Cache is ON

I'm trying to understand why.


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