[U-Boot-Users] more on booting uboot from flash on a memec evaluation board

grave grave at ipno.in2p3.fr
Mon Mar 21 16:48:39 CET 2005

More information on our design :

We have 32 MB of RAM @ 0x00000000
A flash system @ 0x0300000

I have copied the ml300 design and change a few things :
monitor address goes from 0x04000000 to 0x01000000 in ml300.h
the same in config.mk

I put the uboot.srec file in the flash memory
and I setup the following code to jump to 0x03000100

file depart.s :
	.section ".boot","ax"
	.align 2
	.globl _boot
	.type _boot, at function
	b _uboot

file suite.s :
	.section ".text"
	align 2
	.globl _uboot
	.type _uboot, at function
	lis 0,0x300
	ori 0,0,256
	mtlr 0

ld script :
   .text 0xffff8000 :
   .boot 0xfffffffc :

the small code generated is used to boot the ppc with the xilinx edk.

uboot doesn't seem to boot, what I have done wrong ?


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