[U-Boot-Users] booting uboot from flash on a memec evaluation board

Peter Ryser Peter.Ryser at xilinx.com
Tue Mar 22 07:46:43 CET 2005

What you actually want to do is to modify the EDK design to map the 
flash to the top of the memory. Assuming that you used the ML300 board 
support as your starting point to port u-boot to the Memec board modify 
board/xilinx/ml300/u-boot.lds and include the following right after the 
beginning of the SECTORS declaration:

.resetvec oxFFFFFFFC :
} = 0xffff

Modify board/xilinx/ml300/config.mk and change the TEXT_BASE to the 
start of the u-boot monitor. Further, you need to modify 
include/configs/ml300.h to map the monitor to the area of your flash, e.g.
#define CFG_MONITOR_BASE   0xfffc0000         // needs to match TEXT_BASE
#define CFG_FLASH_BASE          0xff800000       // start of flash in 
memory map

If you compile flash support into u-boot you will be able to use u-boot 
to install a newer version of itself into the flash.

- Peter

grave wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm new to uboot and I try to boot it on an evaluation board with a  
> VirtexIIpro. I have compiled an uboot version inspired from the ml300  
> design and flashed it to our flash media using uboot.srec and a memec  
> flash programmer. Now I wonder how to make the ppc boot in the flash.  
> Do I need a specific and very simple code at address 0xfffffffc that  
> jump to the flash address where there is the uboot code ?
> Any hint would be welcome...
> Thanks in advance, Xavier
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