[U-Boot-Users] booting elf images where VMA != LMA

Robin Getz rgetz at blackfin.uclinux.org
Sat Mar 26 00:28:18 CET 2005

> >  - Do I patch the standard elf relocation code to always load things
> > at the LMA?
>This certainly seems like the correct thing to me.  What are the potential 
>disadvantages of this approach?  Are there any?

I can only think of two disadvantages:
- if someone is using a old or broken toolchain that does not comply with 
ELF. (which is why I thought of using a config switch).
- may take a little longer (few cycles) to look in the correct place to get 
the LMA.

I am sure other may think of more - which is why I asked the question, 
before the patch.


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