[U-Boot-Users] SNTP support patch

Masami Komiya mkomiya at sonare.it
Thu Mar 31 10:07:32 CEST 2005

There are some wrong code about DHCP expansion in the last patch
to add SNTP support. Please apply attached patch too.

The name of environment variable for NTP time server IP address
is changed to "ntpserverip".

The current limitation of SNTP support is :
1. The roundtrip time is ignored.
2. Only 1st NTP server IP, in the option ntp-servers of DHCP, is effective.

Thank you for your any advice.

Masami Komiya

Wolfgang Denk wrote:
> [Forwarded on behalf of Masami Komiya.]
> ------- Forwarded Message
> Date:    Wed, 30 Mar 2005 16:42:03 +0900
> From:    Masami Komiya <mkomiya at sonare.it>
> To:      Wolfgang Denk <wd at denx.de>
> cc:      "Sonare IT - Komiya" <mkomiya at sonare.it>
> Subject: SNTP support patch
> Dear Wolfgang,
> No time see you.
> I make a patch to add SNTP support and expand time server and time offset
> fields of DHCP support. (The roundtrip delay is ignored :-)
> I want to send this patch to ML, but the mail server of SourceForge
> does not accept from me ;_;) If you think this is useful for U-BOOT,
> please forward to ML.
> To use SNTP support, please add the define CFG_CMD_SNTP to CONFIG_COMMANDS
> in the configuration file of the board.
> The "sntp" command gets network time from NTP time server and syncronize RTC of the board.
> This command needs the command line parameter of server's IP address or environment
> variable "timeserverip". The network time is sent as UTC. So if you want to set local
> time to RTC, set the offset in second from UTC to the enviroment variable "time offset".
> If DHCP server provides time server's IP or time offset, you don't need to set the above
> environment variables yourself.
> Any advice or comment are wellcome!!
> Best regards.
> Masami Komiya
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