[U-Boot-Users] Unclear points on NETCONSOLE script

Sam Song samsongshu at yahoo.com.cn
Thu Mar 31 16:36:06 CEST 2005

Hi all,

I tested netconsole on RPXlite DW and succeeded. But 
still several unclear points in mind. All for the
doc/README.Netconsole itself. 

1. $1 should be replaced as TARGET IP or not?

#! /bin/bash


stty -icanon -echo intr ^T
nc -u -l -p 6666 < /dev/null &
nc -u ${TARGET_IP} 6666
stty icanon echo intr ^C

If I used the above script on my RED HAT 7.3 host PC,
u-boot console could switch to host console but any
input didn't work. When $1 was replaced as TARGET IP
like, the above script can work right.
Is the given script a common one or should be fixed

2. mpc5200 should be changed as TARGET IP or not?

#! /bin/bash

stty icanon echo intr ^T
./ncb &
nc -u mpc5200 6666
stty icanon echo intr ^C
kill 0

This script can only work right when mpc5200 is
by TARGET IP like So, should mpc5200
tagged with <TARGET IP> as well?

3. Why use Ctrl + T rather than Ctrl + C to interrupt
the script status?

In both scripts, only Ctrl + T can interrupt script 
status. Why not Ctrl + C? This one should be more 
common to use. Can we change it for more reasonable?

Input is welcome. I am willing to send a patch to
correct them if need:-)

Best regards,


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