[U-Boot-Users] NetConsole tstc problems

Brian Prodoehl bjprodoehl at uwalumni.com
Tue Nov 1 22:19:24 CET 2005

Has anyone else experienced problems with NetConsole's tstc?  In particular,
defining CONFIG_BOOT_RETRY_TIME makes NetConsole almost unusable for me,
because then readline() in main.c blocks on tstc and the result (for me, at
least) is that NetConsole accepts a character every second or so.  For
everything that doesn't depend on tstc, NetConsole works beautifully for me. 
I'm just wondering if anyone else has seen problems, or if anyone has
suggestions on how to make tstc less of a show-stopper (something I haven't
been able to accomplish).

Brian Prodoehl

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