[U-Boot-Users] Re: Low-boot configuration for MPC8272ADS

Dmytro Bablinyuk dmytro.bablinyuk at rftechnology.com.au
Wed Nov 2 06:39:12 CET 2005

> 1. I have updated (latest snapshot) u-boot:
> include/configs/MPC8260ADS.h
>  #define CFG_HRCW_MASTER 0x0e72b605
> board/mpc8260ads/config.mk
>   TEXT_BASE = 0xff800000

1. I tried 'make MPC8272ADS_lowboot_config' but it keeps resetting with 
or without BDI attached (JP9 in position MEMORY, SW2 is FLASH ON).

2. Burn (to burn I need to move JP9 in position BCSR, otherwise it's 
just resetting)
  8272>unlock 0xff800000 0x40000 32
  8272>erase 0xFF800000 BLOCK
  8272>prog 0xFF800000 u-boot.bin BIN

3. Move JP9 in position MEMORY

4. Power cycle

5. Board keeps resetting with or without BDI.

Can anybody help, please?
Thank you

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