[U-Boot-Users] Re: Low-boot configuration for MPC8272ADS

Dmytro Bablinyuk dmytro.bablinyuk at rftechnology.com.au
Thu Nov 3 00:49:56 CET 2005

>>Loading u-boot.bin , please wait ....
>># PPC: timeout while waiting for freeze
>>*** TARGET: reset detected, restarting target
> "load", i. e. load to RAM. Or did you intend to write "prog" here, i.
> e. prgram the (previously erased) flash?

I meant 'load' to RAM.
I tried to burn u-boot into flash and tried to make this sequence

8272>unlock 0xff800000 0x40000 32
8272>erase 0xFF800000 BLOCK
8272>prog 0xFF800000 u-boot.bin BIN

> Did you set up your memory controller and  correctly  initialize  the

If I put JP9 in position BCSR everything works fine (if I move IMMR in 
BDI config back to 0x0F000_0000 of course).

Here is the HRCW (from flash). 0x74 => ISB100 => IMMR=0xF000_0000

8272>md 0
00000000 : ff0e0e0e 0e0e0e0e 74747474 74747474  ........tttttttt
00000010 : b2b2b2b2 b2b2b2b2 0a0a0a0a 0a0a0a0a  ................

And BDI config (we use CLKIN 66MHz, but it is the same effect with CLKIN 
100MHz - I tried different crystal)

; bdiGDB configuration file for MPC8272ADS board
; ----------------------------------------------

; init core register
;WREG    MSR             0x00001002      ;MSR  : ME,RI
WM32    0xF0010004    0xFFFFFFC3    ;SYPCR: disable watchdog
WM32    0xF00101A8    0x04700000    ;IMMR : internal space @ 0x04700000
WM32    0x04710024    0x100C0000    ;BCR  : Single PQ2, ..
WM32    0x04710c94    0x00000001    ;RMR  : checkstop reset enable
; init memory controller
WM32    0x04710104    0xFF800876    ;OR0: Flash 8MB, CS early negate, 11 
w.s., Timing relax
WM32    0x04710100    0xFF801801    ;BR0: Flash @0xFF800000, 32bit, no 
WM32    0x0471010C    0xFFFF8010    ;OR1: BCSR 32KB, all types access, 1 
WM32    0x04710108    0x04501801    ;BR1: BCSR @0x04500000, 32bit, no parity
WM32    0x04710124    0xFFFF8866    ;OR4: EEPROM 32KB, all types access, 
6 w.s.
WM32    0x04710120    0xC2000801    ;BR4: EEPROM @0xC2000000, 8bit, no 
; init SDRAM Init (PPC bus)
WM16    0x04710184    0x2800            ;MPTPR: Divide Bus clock by 41
WM8    0x0471019C    0x13            ;PSRT : Divide MPTPR output by 20
WM32    0x04710114    0xfe002ec0    ;OR2  : 32MB, 2 banks, row start at 
A9, 11 rows
WM32    0x04710110    0x00000041    ;BR2  : SDRAM @0x00000000, 64bit, no 
WM32    0x04710190    0x824b36a3    ;PSDMR: Precharge all banks
WM32    0x04710190    0xaa4b36a3
WM8    0x00000000    0x00            ;Access SDRAM
WM32    0x04710190    0x8a4b36a3    ;PSDMR: CBR Refresh
WM8    0x00000000    0xFF            ;Access SDRAM
WM8    0x00000000    0xFF            ;Access SDRAM
WM8    0x00000000    0xFF            ;Access SDRAM
WM8    0x00000000    0xFF            ;Access SDRAM
WM8    0x00000000    0xFF            ;Access SDRAM
WM8    0x00000000    0xFF            ;Access SDRAM
WM8    0x00000000    0xFF            ;Access SDRAM
WM8    0x00000000    0xFF            ;Access SDRAM
WM32    0x04710190    0x9a4b36a3    ;PSDMR: Mode Set
WM8    0x00000190    0x00            ;Access SDRAM
WM32    0x04710190    0xc24b36a3    ;PSDMR: enable refresh, normal operation

CPUTYPE     8272        ;the CPU type
JTAGCLOCK   0           ;use 16 MHz JTAG clock
POWERUP     7000        ;start delay after power-up detected in ms
BOOTADDR    0xfff00100  ;boot address used for start-up break
WORKSPACE   0x04700000    ;workspace in target RAM for fast download
;MEMDELAY    2000        ;additional memory access delay
MMU         XLAT        ; support virtual addresses (for Linux!)
BDIMODE     AGENT       ;the BDI working mode (LOADONLY | AGENT)
BREAKMODE   HARD        ;SOFT or HARD, HARD uses PPC hardware breakpoints
PTBASE      0x000000F0  ; ptr to page table pointers

FILE        u-boot.bin
;FILE        E:\temp\test16k.bin
;FORMAT      BIN 0x04708000
LOAD        MANUAL      ;load code MANUAL or AUTO after reset
PROMPT      8272>    ;new prompt for Telnet
DUMP        dump.bin

CHIPTYPE    I28BX8         ; Flash type
CHIPSIZE    0x800000    ; Single chip size (8 Mbyte)
BUSWIDTH    32        ; total width for the whole SIMM
WORKSPACE   0x04700000    ;workspace in target RAM for fast download
FILE        1MB_junk.bin
FORMAT      BIN 0xFF900000

ERASE       0xFF900000  ;erase sector  4 of flash SIMM
ERASE       0xFF940000  ;erase sector  5 of flash SIMM
ERASE       0xFF980000  ;erase sector  6 of flash SIMM
ERASE       0xFF9C0000  ;erase sector  7 of flash SIMM

DMM1        0x04700000
FILE        reg8272.def

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