[U-Boot-Users] Help: Device protect error

王 振 mailtojarod at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 8 01:36:48 CET 2005

Hi all, 

  I'm porting u-boot-1.1.3 to my S3C44B0X based evaluation board, so I 
referenced B2 board configuration(because it also based on S3C44B0X) and 
lart board configuration(because it also consists of an Intel flash 
memory). Last night, I got the u-boot.bin successfully and downloaded it 
into the Intel 28F320C3B flash. I could see the command line after reset 
the board. Then I tried to erase the last 64KB sector of the flash like 

jx44b0>protect off 003F0000 003FFFFF

Un-protected 1 sectors

jx44b0>erase 003F0000 003FFFFF

Erasing...Device protect error

1 sector erased

I checked the last 8KB with "md 003FE000" and I found former data remained 
other than FFFFs. Erasing just didn't work correctly. I wonder what's the 
problem and shall I revise the flash.c in my board's folder. 

Any hint would be appriecated.

Best regard,

Zhen Wang

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